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Our passion is to assist pet owners in establishing positive behaviors in their dog. Whether at home or out in public, a well-mannered and obedient dog will result in a happy and confident dog and a happy owner!

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With our extensive experience in training pet and police canines, we are confident our methods will provide you with a positive outcome.


It is important to find a trainer that understands you and your dog's needs. Schedule a free consultation for a no-obligation share-a-thon—where you tell me about your concerns and dogs behaviors — and I tell you how I might be able to help.


We have trained dog trainers across the US and have conducted seminars and trainings for civilians to police agencies.

You can be the next pet dog owner with a positive experience.

"Jim is incredible! We love our lab like our family and he treated him as his that. Jim is knowledgeable, responsive, accommodating and truly cares about the success of your dog! He has patience and was key to helping us learn how to replicate and stay consistent once we bright our Blu home! We will be lifetime clients."
- Melissa Gibson
"​If I could leave more than 5 stars I would. Jim and his crew are professional, dedicated, and treated my dog just like he was theirs. They went above and beyond to not only work with him, but to work with ME on continuing their training, once at home. They also follow up to make sure we have acclimated. This was a great experience. Worth the time and expense!"
- Danielle Lee
"Jim is a great trainer and made a world of difference with our Shepherd Loki. My dog is now well behaved and I can finally go around other animals with no issues and he has become a much better family dog. I highly recommend NC K9 to anyone who wants a great trainer who truly cares about his clients. Thanks Jim!!"
- Wallace McElwee
"NC K9 LLC Trained our Chocolate Lab for 4 weeks. Outstanding results! Previously she would pull during every walk, and was very challenging if the kids were present. Now our 8 year old can walk her. She no longer jumps, and when we need to correct, we have the tools to do so. Night and day difference! If your dog needs training, do not hesitate to contact Jim and his team."
- Jason Guigno