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Our expertise with highly successful working canines also positions us as experts with pets. We love assisting owners in establishing positive behaviors in their pet dog.  Whether at home or out in public, a well mannered and obedient dog will result in a happy and confident dog and a happy owner! Our pet dog programs include private one on one training, group training, and board and train programs. Check below for a listing of each program we offer. All of our programs are customize-able to meet your needs.

Board & Train Programs

We offer a 4 week board and train program. Each program is customizable to fit the needs of your dog and your desired goals for his or training. All dogs that graduate our program will be trained basic obedience commands (sit, down, stay, come) both verbally and hand signals. All dogs will learn to perform these commands in distraction areas such as parks, pet stores, parking areas, and any high congestion areas. Your dog will also be crate trained and will learn that the crate is a comfortable place for him or her to rest and relax. We believe strongly that all dogs need to experience the joys of being off lead. While all training will begin with the safety of a leash, dogs in the board and train program will graduate to be able to experience the world and “be a dog”. Do you like taking long walks with your dog and let him or run around? If yes, give us a call so that your dog can enjoy the freedoms he or she desires!

We offer transportation to and from your residence for Board and Train Programs. Additional cost may apply depending upon locations. Please contact us directly for questions in regards to transportation.

Our Dog Training Programs & Cost

4-Week Board and Train Program Package – $2800
Includes: 4 weeks of Training, E collar Technology ET-300, 6 foot Slip line, 20 foot long line, Treat pouch, Take Home Class

6-Week Board and Train Program (Advanced Obedience) – $4800
Includes: 6 weeks of Training, E collar Technology ET-300, 6 foot slip line, 20 foot long line, Treat Pouch, Take Home Class

6-Week Board and Train Program (Behavior Modification) – $4800
6 weeks of Training, E collar Technology ET-300, 6 foot slip line, 20 foot long line, Treat Pouch, Take Home Class

Private Training Sessions

We offer Private One-on-One Training sessions at either you home or our facility. Private Sessions are great for individuals who have the time and experience to apply instruction from our trainers and work with their dog the rest of the week. Private sessions are usually scheduled once per week until the training goals are met. Private sessions are completely customize-able to fit your needs. We cover all types of training from loose leash walking, aggression issues, potty training, barking, crate training, and behavior modification. Private Sessions are $100 per hour.

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