Law Enforcement K9 Training

We offer the services listed below. All of our courses are customizable to your needs. If you are looking for a particular course or seminar that is not listed below please contact us and we will be build the course you need.

Trained Single & Dual-Purpose Police K9s

Trained Dual Purpose K9's

NC K9 provides only the best canines that are suitable for your department needs. All of our canines are selection tested before reaching our facility. Each canine will be between the ages of 12 and 30 months before being sold to a department. We believe that obedience is the foundation of a successful police dog. Each canine will have handler focused obedience both on and off leash. Our canines are social with an inherent desire to work. Dual Purpose canines are German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd or Shepherd/Malinois crosses.

Trained Single Purpose K9s

Our single purpose canines are trained to have only one job. The canine gets to focus on one task and truly excel. Canines will be trained in the task of your choice from narcotics detection, explosives detection, or cell phone detection for correctional institutions. Single purpose canines can be any breed of canine that shows extreme hunt drive. We typically use Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, or any other sporting breed with the right drive.

K9 Courses We Offer

Law Enforcement K9 Handler Courses

Handlers courses are our specialty. We love teaching new handlers our craft. We teach Multi-Purpose (Patrol/Detection), Dual Purpose (Detection/Tracking), and  Single Purpose (Detection) courses. All of our courses are based on Law Enforcement and Military use and will always be taught with safety  and tactics in mind. Our Handlers courses are 8 week courses for our multi-purpose canines and 6 weeks for our single purpose canines.  

Police/Military Trainer's Course

Our Police K9 Trainers Course can be done in either 6 weeks or 8 weeks. The course is customized to meet the needs of each individual student. Students enrolling in these courses must be a current police canine handler or military handler or trainer. The courses will allow the students to work completely green K9 candidates (including puppies) and bring them through each step of instruction to a fully trained canine. Students will learn obedience, detection, agility, tracking/trailing, article search, building searches, apprehension, decoy techniques, and environmental exposure building. Students will learn multiple approaches to each task. Since canines learn differently, we believe trainers should know and understand many ways to teach a particular task. Students will learn proper selection practices for canines that will be brought into our kennel and learn how to properly choose a canine that will meet the needs of a law enforcement agency.

 The course will certify the attendee to train K9’s for their departments as well as to perform in-service training for their current department canines.


Seminars Of Your Choice

Are you looking for a  working seminar that incorporates multiple disciplines? We can create customized seminars to cover a variety of topics. Whether it is a problem solving seminar, tracking/detection, muzzle/decoy, we can meet your needs! These seminars are typically five days. Contact us to create a seminar fit for your agency or club.

Tracking Seminars

We offer tracking seminars worldwide! Tracking is one of our specialties. The tracking seminars are typically 5 day seminars. The seminars are focused on scent discrimination tracking. The canines and handlers will be taught the basics of canine tracking . Tracking seminar topics typically include: rural tracking, urban tracking, scent discrimination with multiples human scents, and problem solving. All of our seminars are completely customizeable to meet the needs of your agency. All canines that are trained in tracking or trailing are welcome in our courses. We train all breeds of tracking dogs.

We also conduct tracking seminars for starting a puppy! Get your puppy a great foundation and have him or her tracking in no time!

Decoy Seminars

Having a proper decoy is an  essential element to every canine program. Unfortunately, many police departments have untrained officers “catching” their dogs. A well trained decoy can take an average dog and make him exceptional. We love working with canine handlers who want to make their programs shine. Our decoy school is a 4 day program that covers decoy technique and form, reading canine body language, developing and holding proper grips and utilizing the drive triangle to shape you canine. Unlike many decoy courses, we also incorporate muzzle training into the course. We believe muzzle training is an essential component to apprehension training. With all of our programs, we bring the training to you. Contact us today to learn more.

Scent Detection Seminars

 Is your canine not working to source? Is your canine leaving drug source or not sure of the odor he or she is seeking? Can your canine work through multiple odor distractions including dog odor, food,and toy distractions. Does your canine detect multiple amounts of odor at different height and depth? Would you like in increase the focus stare of your canines alert? Come challenge your canines detection skills!

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