"Jim O'Brien is one of the best K9 trainers that I have ever trained with. Period. Jim's real world experience as a law enforcement K9 handler is invaluable when it comes to training law enforcement K9 teams.  The words "good enough" and "quit" simply do not exist in Jim's vocabulary; Jim will challenge you and give you the tools to be the best working dog team that you can be. Jim's passion for training both K9s and handlers is evident in the amount of extra time that he spent ensuring our team not just met certification standards but exceeded them. I give my highest recommendation to anyone interested in training under Jim O'Brien and I look forward to learning more from him in the future". 
K9 Deputy Dave Sparnroft and K9 Finn
Appomattox County Sheriff's Office (VA)
"When I trained with Jim, I had been in law enforcement for 12 years but was starting in an area of law enforcement that I had yet to venture, K9 Handler. I had worked pretty much everywhere else from patrol, community service, motorcycle, and narcotics investigator. The task of having a K9 partner was all going to be new to me. I had worked with my personal dogs with some standard obedience but that was the extent of my knowledge in training and handling. After meeting Jim, he was able to place me with a K9 partner that was compatible to me. I did not know the capability of a K9 until Jim began to train K9 Luky and me. Jim went above and beyond to ensure that not only K9 Luky but I was prepared for the work that K9 handlers will deal with on a day to day basis. Jim’s experience was obvious throughout my training, based on the scenarios and training courses that Jim was putting me through. Jim will not be satisfied with a handler and K9 partnership that does not work for any agency, basically from the business stand point the product is as advertised. I followed Jim’s training methods, which now K9 Luky and I are a successful team at my agency. My training with K9 Luky has continued since Jim trained us, I continue to rely on Jim to further Lukys’ abilities and he is always more than willing to provide answers. I recommend Jim to anyone looking for a great K9/Handler team".
Investigator Ben Massey
Person County Sheriff's Office, NC
"Having started with Jim as my trainer for my pet dog, to working under him with police canines, I fully trust his training methods for any working dog and handler. Jim's experience comes from years of working with a variety of dog breeds for diverse purposes. In addition, he is well aware of the different techniques in the community and is always able to find the best and most practical solution. His lessons are invaluable because he is not only successful in shaping the behavior of the dog, but handlers will learn much from the experience".
Zack Ross
Wolfeboro, NH

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