Behavior Modification

Focusing on identifying behavioral triggers and teaching impulse control, with experienced trainers and essential training tools included.

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Behavior Modification Training For Dogs in Raleigh

At NC K9 LLC, we understand the challenges and stress of owning an aggressive dog. Our specialized Aggressive Dog Training Program is designed to address and manage these issues effectively, ensuring safety and peace of mind for both the dog and its owner.

Program Highlights:

In-depth Behavioral Assessment: Our first step is to identify the triggers of your dog’s aggressive behavior. We’ll determine whether these behaviors are genetically ingrained or learned, providing a clear path for effective training.

2. Impulse Control Training: Your dog will be trained to control impulses that lead to aggression or reactivity. Simultaneously, you will gain insights and skills to manage and prevent these behaviors.

3. Comprehensive Training Kit: The program includes essential training tools such as a prong collar, remote collar, long line, treat pouch, and a place board (raised dog bed).

4. Experienced Professionals: With over 18 years of experience in handling aggressive dogs, our team possesses the necessary skills and equipment to manage and resolve complex behavioral issues.

Program Duration and Cost:
– Duration: 6 weeks
– Cost: $5,200

Invest in a safer and stress-free environment for you and your dog with our expertly crafted Aggressive Dog Training Program.

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