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Our program is designed to cultivate well-trained companions, bringing harmony into your household.

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Professional Board and Train For Dogs in Raleigh, NC

At NC K9 LLC Dog Training, based in Raleigh and serving all of North Carolina, we understand the importance of establishing boundaries and consistent training for dogs. Our program is designed to cultivate well-trained companions, bringing harmony into your household.

Our comprehensive board and train program focuses on teaching all essential basic obedience commands, including ‘Sit’, ‘Down’, ‘Stay’, ‘Place’, ‘Loose Leash Heeling’, and ‘Off-Leash Recall’. We conduct training in both distraction-free and distraction-rich environments, ensuring dogs remain disciplined around other dogs and people. Alongside obedience training, we address manners such as jumping, scratching, barking, biting, and other rudeness behaviors, tailoring our approach to meet each dog’s unique needs and the expectations of their owners.

The program spans four weeks and includes an equipment package comprising a prong collar, remote collar, place board, treat pouch, and long line, all for a total cost of $3800. We initiate the training by acclimating the dog to its new environment and trainers, using food as a reward system. Starting with loose leash heeling, we progress to more complex tasks, incorporating correction phases and distractions as the dog becomes more adept. This phase also involves conditioning with the remote collar system.

Our expertise with both working and pet dogs sets us apart in the field. We are equipped to train a wide range of breeds, from micro to large high-energy working dogs, and we have the necessary protection equipment for training dogs with higher aggression and reactivity, as well as those specialized in detection, agility, and bite sports.

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